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1 Pages
up to 500 Likes
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1 Pages
up to 10k Likes
White Label Apps
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3 Pages
up to 50k Likes info *
White Label Apps
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5 Pages
up to 250k Likes info *
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10 Pages
up to 500k Likes info *
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25 Pages info **
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White Label Apps
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*The Likes limit for each plan is the sum of all pages combined

**This plan allows you to choose up to 25 pages with an overall total of 1 million fans, or one page without a fan limit.

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We have a solution for every client. Browse customized plans according to the needs of your business and gain access to many other benefits.

  • Native White Label Applications
  • User Management
  • Social CRM
  • Advanced Reports
  • Custom Integrations
  • Personalized Assessment
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Integration with External Platforms
  • Preferential Support
  • Multiple payment options
  1. Customize the look & feel of your applications quickly and easily with the CSS editor.
  2. Protect your brand by incorporating terms and conditions to your contests that state the participation rules, method of winner selection and prize delivery. An application-unique Privacy Policy is also included, that informs users of how collected data is used. Learn more

    At the moment a promotion is published on any platform like The Fan Machine, the platform usually allows the administrator to determine the text within the legal conditions section, which will appear as a visible link to the user when they access this promotion or contest.

    When we talk about defining the terms and legal conditions of an Application, we are referring to the legal terms and privacy policy in the original Facebook application. These terms are accessible through a link below the application tab, and are the privacy policy and conditions of use from this same platform.

    The best way to be 100% covered in respect to legal terms is the ability to edit these links, which can only be done with complete access to the application- which is usually not typical. In the case of our native white label applications, we offer exactly that, the ability to have your own application within which you can edit, among other things, these links.

  3. Personalize your application's URL. For example: www.apps.facebook.com/yourbrand
  4. Increase the number of participants in your promotions by creating ads in Facebook. Link your applications directly to a Facebook Ads account and segment campaigns by utilizing Custom Audiences
  5. Optimize your conversion rate by an additional 50% through reusing APP ID's. Increase the number of users registered in your applications thanks to reducing the number of permissions requested by Facebook. Learn more

    White label applications from The Fan Machine are configured with a group of unique APP IDs for each account, therefore, participants in your promotions are registered under this APP ID. This allows you to request a Facebook permission just once per user. So in the future, when a user participates in a new promotion they’re recognized and the permission request remains hidden, even considering that the front-end and promotion mechanism could have changed, the APP ID in Facebook remains the same.

Control your account. Add multiple users with different permission levels

  1. Owner: Assign new Administrators, Campaign or CRM Managers. You have access to execute tasks as any of these roles
  2. Administrator: Assign new Campaign or CRM Managers, but not other Administrators. You have access to execute tasks as any of these two roles
  3. Campaign Manager: Create and install applications on Facebook pages
  4. CRM Administrator: Configure forms for enriching data and access the centralized data of users

The best way to get to know more about your users, in the easiest way. Collect specific data from participants and enrich your database automatically through a centralized data deposit which gathers together all the data that users offer throughout the distinct applications and promotions that they participate in. Utilize this information to optimize your email marketing campaigns, generate custom audiences and lookalike audiences to segment campaign ads, and much more.

Get to know the behavior of your users, just like Facebook, which lets you visualize details from your campaign performance and optimize results. This translates into access to native insights from Facebook and advanced statistics for each application, for which it's necessary to have an individual APP ID for your applications, something we offer in our Enterprise plans, tailored to our white label applications.

Integrate the data generated by applications from The Fan Machine with any CRM or E-mail Marketing system that you're utilizing. You can also automatically generate Custom Audiences that can be used to optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Let nothing stop you, you'll always have a partner by your side. We offer customized training so that your team can learn to use our tools effectively, with personalized assessment to understand the best platform strategy for your business goals.

Our team is completely available to attend your inquiries in a fast and effective manner. You'll be able to count on personalized contact with one of our specialists that will understand your business and can help solve any inconvenience promptly.

We offer to make it easy to bring users to your application with support from our specialized team in Facebook Ads. We have developed proprietary technology that combined with our team, can optimize the initial publicity investment in Facebook and Instagram, to maximize the results of your applications and contests.

We can develop personalized applications according to your objectives, and can even extend the the native functions for a platform. For example: promoting services/products, lead generation, databases, sales and more.

We adapt to the budget needs of each client. We know that in some cases it's necessary to sign a contract, process provider authorizations, and other tasks related to the administrative and financial needs of each organization. We offer various payment options by credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

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